The Raking (2017)

As part of a Cultural Anthropology Project, several college students embark on a weekend camping trip to research an urban-legend, The Rake. The Rake is a terrifying monster, in humanoid form with long claws. The creature feeds only on the Equinox, which also happens to be the same time the college students take their camping trip. As the college students explore deeper and deeper into the desert to chase down the myth, and disprove of it's existence, they find themselves no longer the hunters of mystery, but the prey of The Rake itself. Now they find themselves fighting for their very lives.
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Bryan BrewerCree Kelly
Directors:  Bryan Brewer
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Bryan BrewerLaura Greenman Heine
Runtime: 1h 37min
Release: 2017-03-07
IMDb: 3.3

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